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:platinum: #17 - Little Adventure on the Prairie

Difficulty: 1/10

Fun: 2/10


Pretty much a game you play for the plat and never play again. Did have fun having my boyfriend watch me play while I did silly commentary. I could be a YouTuber with the kind of reactions I had to this game. :P


:platinum: #18 - FoxyLand

Difficulty: 3/10

Fun: 2/10


Some of these levels are complete bullshit...had a little fun at first but then it just got ridiculous. Though I did burst out laughing hysterically when I suffered quite possibly the funniest death you could ever experience in a platformer.


:platinum: #19 - Football Game

Difficulty: 1/10

Fun: 1/10


Gives off quite an eerie vibe to me...not truly sure why. Nevertheless its a decent enough point and click adventure to kill time on. I'd rather have something like a Telltale game for this sort of thing, though.


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