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I don't have too much of a spiel, but I've always wanted to 100% this game since I was a kid was never bothered with it back then. After getting the plat in GTA V and RDR 2, I had no excuse but to go back to this and get it. Getting 100%/the plat in this one was barely a timesink compared to the two mentioned before. The stunt jumps were a pain since there was no way to keep track of them besides keeping track outside the game. Other than that, no trophy gave me too much trouble outside of the level 12 ambulance trophy; and even that one was mainly because I was either flipping the ambulance (and you can't flip the car back over once it flips in this one) or getting pulled out of the ambulance by gang members. Really fun plat that isn't too grindy, with barely any collectibles thank god. Doesn't hurt that it's also a classic game.


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#264 - Spintires: MudRunner - PS4

I bought this game twice (Vanilla & American Wilds Edition). This is a slow paced game, and some of challenges might upset you. However, it is rewarding once you conquer it. Overall it provides an unique experience. It is a platinum and 100% I am proud to add into my list.


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