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platinum #408 Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Collection

completed in 2 days and 3 hours

Platinum Rarity 11.51% rare

Platinum Name: Retro God

hardest trophy: clean sweep (took 32 try's for shadow dancer) due to it being a new game i haven't played.

game rating: 9/10 (deduct 1 point for lack of sonic 3 and knuckles).


going to have to look through my backlog for the next game. it's going to be The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince (ps4) going to attempt this without a walkthrough but only looking at it if i get stuck in a level/doing those challenges.


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10 hours ago, DEsIx_KaerO said:


40-platinum.png#231 - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot






Awesome job! I'm going to make this my next plat.


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