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Plat #33 Sounds Shape PS4 EU

Difficulty : 8/10 ( it is my opinion that somone can say it was so easy actually. I gave this rate because of death mode)

Time : 10-12 hours

Enjoyment : 9/10 beginning, 2/10 death mode.


Before think about the buying this game, I watched some videos and it seemed so easy.

I think this was the big  mistake for me but it is okay I got platinum after a few thousands tryings. 

Servers are shutdown and good new is sync is not working anymore. 

I am starting to play on ps3 and ready to break joystick. 





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Took me over 200 online games but finally finished mlb 19 the show.  The hardest trophy,  reaching rank 800 online was of course my last.  I got to 787 legit then I did boost the last 13 points as I didn't want to lose too many points if I lost.  


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