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Platinum #498: Dead Synchronicity




Difficulty: 2/10

Playtime : 4-5 hours

Enjoyment: 8/10


Some kind of giant resonance cascade  thingy or whatever has plunged the world into chaos, and brings with it a strange degenerative disease that causes people to dissolve. In this doomed New World, things have boiled down to the simple question of what will kill off humanity first, the disease, or, well... humanity. (Whether all the characters' propensity towards a near-constant squint is connected to the apocalyptic goings-on remain unconfirmed.)


All told, Dead Synchronicity is an engrossing noirish trip into Post-Apocalyptica filled with darkness, death, and fear, but also hope, decency, and kindness. Many stories like this, especially ones that don't relent on the horror aspect, can often lose themselves in all the darkness and thus become a futile exercise in pointless misanthropy, bordering on exploitation. Like a lone flower blooming in a concrete jungle, humanity can always find a way. It's the last thing we should let go of in a situation like this, or we are as good as dead already.


Anyways, the hellish background work is exceptional, heightening the atmosphere with bold colour choices and attention to detail. You can almost smell the detritus! There are several scenes presented in a novel comic book panel style composition that denote specific sub-areas; a very cool stylistic choice borne of pragmatism. The musical aspect is a little underwhelming: scoring as a whole seems underused and when it is used, it seems to hardly ever fit the mood.


The writing is taut yet wry, and has a very good grasp of tone more often than not. The main character is very likeable, and his internal monologues ensure you always know where's he's at morally. Even when the revelations about the circumstances inevitably pile up towards the end, the writing is still very down-to-earth and comprehensible. Not always a given for these kinds of stories.


Overall, despite a few flaws, Dead Synchronicity is a game that radiates supreme confidence in its raison d'etree, and achieves its goal with wit and verve. I'll admit, the horrors depicted are more than a little heightened by our own current circumstances. The "use a thing on a thing" approach of the trophy list is a little less than exciting, but it's at least pretty painless. There isn't a whole lot of anything new under the sun (or the giant hole in sky, I guess) but it's a good time for what it is.


One of the best indie games Ive played on PS4. Loved the storyline, and the horror/cult film trophy names were cool as hell!


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1st Foxyland platinum. Ok-ish, but just another copy/paste platformer for most parts. Plat. difficulty 1/10. Enjoyment 4/10.

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#346 - Harvey‘s New Eyes


Just another cool point n click adventure by Deadalic.


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Platinum #25 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint  :platinum:


Got to admit at first try I did not get into the game, and uninstalled it within a couple of weeks.

Beginning of March I started the game again, and gave it a second try and liked it.

I could not say loved it as there were a number of glitches and bugs.

Still, I liked it enough to go for Platinum :)



Enjoyment: 7/10

Difficulty: 3/10


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Foxyland 2 Plat. difficulty 2/10. enjoyment 4/10. A tad harder platinum than the first one, buy if you have played platformers all your life its still very easy and generic. Took some influences from New Super Mario Bros., and even a boss battle this time around.


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