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#281- Super Box Land Demake    AS 

#282- Super Destronaut: Land Wars

#283- Super Wiloo Demake    AS 

#284- Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

#285- Tic-Tac-Letters by POWGI    NA 

#286- Without Escape 

#287- Word Sudoku by POWGI    AS 

#288- Word Wheel by POWGI     AS 

#289- Himno    AS 

#290- Inferno 2


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Platinum #136: Ghost Giant (PSVR)

First trophy: 24th Apr 2019 9:32:01 PM

Time to platinum (real time): 11 months, 2 weeks, 1 day

Time to platinum (in game time): Around 8 hours

Platinum rarity (PSNProfiles): 40.99%

Game rating: 8/10

Trophy rating difficult: 3/10


This is the perfect entry point for a new Playstation VR owner. The game is simple, but also shows a lot of features of the headset. It's simple but in a good way. Each stage is like a little puzzle on it's own. The story starts out as a very cute one and starts to be very moving and deep near the end. All in all, I would recommend this game to every Playstation VR owners. Recommended!


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platinum #420 Goodbye Deponia 

completed in 23 hours and 41 minutes

platinum rarity 77.19% common

platinum name: Platinum Chalice


platinum #421 Mekabolt (ps4)

completed in 1 hour and 4 minutes

platinum rarity 97.89% common


edit 1: finished mekabolt after deponia. super fast might have to look for another. seems hero express might be a slight challenge

have some plans to tackle more ACA games but can't play some till friday due to lack of funds to purchase 1 or 2 (they're starting to grow on me a bit after getting through that nasty trophy glitch).

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Persona 5 Royal Game | PS4 - PlayStation


Platinum #100: Persona 5 Royal

Enjoyment: 10/10

Difficulty: 3/10


Persona 5 is possibly my favorite game of all time. 5 was my first persona game and asked for it for my birthday the year it came out based on loving JRPGs. I didn't know much about the original games besides them being a big cult hit. When I originally played this, I got to the very beginning of the second palace and stopped playing. I liked the game enough to get that far but decided to put it down for months for whatever reason i had at the time. I actually remember the last trophy i got before quitting was the baseball related one. The moment I picked the game back up I was addicted. Whatever didn't click the first time clicked fully now. I've never cared more about characters in a video game or have ever been so fully engrossed in a story up to this point. Usually skipping side quests in games to focus on the story I found myself wanting to talk with every confidant just to see how their personal story ends. The music is perfection at every beat, the palaces are gorgeous and incredibly thought-out, and the flare this game has is unmatched. The story of teenage rebellion in a world they see unjust is masterfully told and kept me engaged for my original 90+ hours.


As far Royal, they expand the story with more characters, areas, and story among other things. It's more of a retelling than a remake/remaster and that's enough for me. They fixed a few annoyances people had with the first game such as you can now do a couple things after a day in the palaces/mementos instead of Mona forcing you to go to sleep. The new characters are also fascinating and heartbreaking as any persona character is. Akechi's new story-arc/confidant is also wonderful as it fleshed out a character that was already beloved. The third semester is also absolutely masterfully done and the additional story is gripping. As for trophies, they're much easier and more doable this time around than the original. You don't have to max out every confidant in one playthrough, read every book, play every game, get every persona, etc. You can easily do everything in one playthough without worrying that you're gonna run out of time. It's the perfect retelling/remake/remaster/whatever you really wanna call it, and Atlus is gonna have a hell of a time topping it.


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#591- Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet      Vita NA 

#592- Milo's Quest     Vita NA (100th plat this year, 250th Vita plat)

#593- Iro Hero     NA

#594- Reverie 

#595- Sagebrush 

#596- Super Box Land Demake     NA 

#597- Tic-Tac-Letters 

#598- Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet   NA 

#599- Milo's Quest     NA 

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