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1 hour ago, DrZero_1983 said:

Platinum # 131: Devil May Cry 5


It's sure one of the most rewarding platinums I've got recently, and one that I didn't think I could hope to obtain, but after studying a lot of video guides on youtube I finally did it and now I feel like I will miss this 1f622.png ... now I'm thinking about replaying DMC4, this time on PS4, to get the trophies that the PS3 version didn't have, but I have a lot of games I need to complete already. 1f914.png

Woah congratulations! that is one impressive platinum! Hearing my friends talk about some of the later difficulties had me feeling pain without even playing haha!


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5 hours ago, Zanreo said:



:platinum:#31: Retro Gamer

So I decided to finally get around to finishing this up. Lots of save scumming was involved x3


Got this plat not too long ago myself. You weren't the only one who was save scumming xD


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Replying to this topic yet again lol


I got my 106th, 107th, & my 108th Platinums all in the last 3 weeks. DOOM Eternal, RE3 Remake, and just a little while ago I got the RE Resistance plat. 


Also DOOM Eternal & RE3 Remake are sooo good, both are tied for my GotY. Although the original RE3 will always be my favorite in the series tho.


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#20: Sound Shapes (PS4)

I got the plat in the Vita version a few weeks ago and then slogged through the PS4 version. I had some issues with it, but I got it in a shorter time than Vita, so I guess I was better at the game.


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