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Platinum #29 - Gravel :platinum:



Bought this game on offer, and it was a fun little racing game.

Nothing special, but had a lot of fun playing for while it lasted.

The final trophy was a bit of a grind, but not too much, and in general the game was not difficult.


Enjoyment: 7/10

Difficulty: 2/10


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Platinum #115
Aegis Of Earth:  Protonovus Assault




It's a miracle this game was platted.


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On 4/15/2020 at 5:11 PM, ahmedelebiary said:




#150 The Last of Us :platinum:


Fun 10/10
Diff 6/10
2.5 playthroughs (NG++) 
Time: 60 hours total (30 campaign, 30 MP) 


Oh man from where do I start ? I got the MP trophies done last year but the disc was faulty when it came to campaign so it glitched on me on Chapter 3 and it was unplayable. Had to wait for a digital copy to get campaign started. 

The Last of Us is already well known for being one of the best games out there, but I refused to read or watch anything for it to avoid spoilers, also ignored all reviews until I try it myself and I am so glad I did. 

TLoU has that special magical aroura that sucks you in from the very first Prologue as "That" Sarah's scene makes me cry so hard every damn time. The characters acting and voice acting were exceptional and I liked how they used the real voice actors to act the movements of their parts not just record audio in a studio, this is what Beyond Two Souls also did, 
it was also amazing how Clickers, Runners and Stalkers had their own voice actor..
The relationship between Joel and Ellie as it develops from just a "cargo" to "you will never be my daughter and I will never be your dad" all the way to "BABY GIRL" was  really beautiful character  development.. the side (secondary) characters were also very well made  and had their interesting stories, I am talking about Tess, Tommy, Sam, Henry, Bill and the bad boy David " Nolan North :o
-The depression and tragedy with Henry and Sam's character man on man :(
-THAT FUCKING SCENE between Ellie and David
-The badass savage Joel interrogation

The story was filled or emotional moments..The soundtracks were on spot to hit you right in the feels.. 
Different journyes and adventures across all 4 seasons of the year was fun
and that giraffe scene made my heart melt <3  

The gameplay was fantastic and smooth.. Brutal, Stealthy, Tactical.
The ending left me speechless tbh I liked how they left it open to the player's morals .. it is neither good or bad, it is up to you to decide, just like Life is Strange but the difference here is that it is forced and you can't change it. 
I can't really go on without spoiling it so whoever still haven't played this masterpiece you're in for one helluva ride <3
It can't be for nothing <3

I've still got to do one of the multiplayer paths and I'm halfway through. It's been seven years now though and I really ought to get back to it!


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Platinum number 177 

Spec Ops: The Line 


Another one finished off the backlog :)


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#40 - Fallout 76 

Difficulty: 3/10

Enjoyment: 4-9/10


Well this platinum was a journey, and not one I really expected to go on. I got the game a month after launch for £20 because of the dramas that surrounded it. While I somewhat enjoyed my time with it, it really lacked the personality of a Fallout game so I struggled to stay invested. Every so often I’d dip back into it but I never really made much progress. I think between December 18 and April 20 I managed to get my character to level 23 😂 I was pretty excited for the Wastelanders DLC so as soon as it was released I hopped back into it and honestly it felt like a totally different game. I’ve played it pretty solidly for the past month in lockdown and invested so much time into it. Originally I was just doing the new quests, but as I was working through them with my boyfriend I ended up going back to the original ones and slowly working my way through the game. I ended up chipping away at the trophies without meaning to before deciding to seriously go for the platinum.

Of course there’s still some gripes I had with the game. The main one being your stash box and how little you can fit in it 🙄 I also struggled a bit soloing some things until I respecced my perks and picked a build for settle on, and now I can take down scorchbeasts by myself.


Also as a little aside, FO76 has one of the best communities that I’ve experienced online! 


I’ve had so much fun with it since the update and if anyone has played it before and not gone back I definitely recommend! 😊


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#46 7'scarlet (vita)

A straight forward Otome VN, there was a little mystery to the story which was enjoyable at first. But the true ending was super lackluster after all the other endings the game made me play to get to it. Very easy platinum. Let's hope Norn'9 VC is better!


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