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The Sims 4 - Wikipedia


Diffculty: 5/10 solely for the shitty console controls/lag/glitches

Enjoyment: 1/10


I've learned I don't like the sims.

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#51 Code: Realize - Future Blessings


I can't tell you how disappointed I was with the sequel. For one, it's much, much shorter. And the writing is straight-up frustrating. The first 'route' if you can call it that is meant to take place in-between the scenes of the first game. yet there are new characters that not one person mentioned in the first game, and if the connection these people had really were that strong that this sequel makes out. Why did no one bring them up before... There are only two stories in the game with choices. and there is only like 3? to compound that, it doesn't even branch as the first game did... it just keeps going with slightly altered dialogue and determine whether you get the extra scene at the end... I was so impressed with the branches in the first game, they altered the ending SO MUCH that it stood out as a fantastic VN. But here. I'm left wondering. Thankfully the sequel does answer one of the biggest questions left by the first game. But was it really worth another $60 for that question to be answered? Can't say it was. I can not recommend this game for enjoyment. but it is a very easy & quick platinum.

Difficulty: Visual Novel
Time: 10 Hours (No Skip), 3.5 hours (with skip)

Enjoyment: 2/10


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40-platinum.png#52 - Cities: Skylines


Ultimate City Mayor
Acquire all the other Trophies


2.70% | Ultra Rare


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#114 Maneater


Pretty entertaining game =D. It can be super repetitive though with the activities not changing at all with each new zone.  Would recommend at $40, but if you are hesitant I would wait for a little price drop.


Also be aware, apparently some collectibles are bugged at the moment for some people among other issues.  I personally didn't experience anything other then poor framerate towards the end if the game / some zones.


Rating:  7.5 /10

Estimated time to 100%:  10 - 12 hours tops.



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