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I've actually only now discovered this thread, so I'll try to make a few posts of my latest platinum trophy conquests as I work towards the next one.





40-platinum.png #222 - DOOM 3 (PS4)


If you've been into games for a few decades, I don't think DOOM requires any introduction. They rebooted the series successfully, but I remember when this came out, somewhere around the first Far Cry release and Half-Life 2's release. Three games which definitely left their mark on gaming as a whole, back in 2004 (if memory serves me right). You'll need to get used to the controls of this PS4 remaster, which does contain both expansions and no multiplayer. On one hand, that means you can take your time getting this platinum trophy, but on the other: you'll have a lot of game to get through, especially because of the separate difficulty trophies.


Nonetheless, it's a very straightforward shooter: portal to Hell opens, nameless marine arrives, ends up in the middle of the entire mess and has enough muscles to carry around ten guns, varying in size and firepower. Don't expect any really big badass moments like the new DOOM games offer. This one is more horror-centered, so you'll have lots of dark corners to deal with, and enemies popping out of nowhere to attempt and scare the crap out of you. Still a solid shooter to experience, if only to see how far we've come since then.


Most frustrating trophy - DOOMed Nightmare




You'll need to finish the game in both the main campaign and both expansions on the highest difficulty, on Nightmare mode. Doesn't sound too difficult, you might think. But here's the trick: aside from enemies doing much more damage, your health depletes always to 25/100 whenever you replenish it through medkits or medstations. This one applies to beating the main campaign on Nightmare difficulty, because it's obviously the longest campaign out of all three. Make sure you save a lot, preferably before every single encounter, to prevent any unnecessary frustration. Because you will die often, be prepared for that.


Fair note: the Nightmare difficulty only unlocks for each campaign once you finished it on a lower difficulty. So you're looking at six playthroughs at minimum. Try to combine getting the collectibles in each campaign as you play through each part of the remaster, whether it's leisurely or whether you're actively trophy hunting!

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40-platinum.png#223 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered


Still one of the best campaigns in Call of Duty history. After the great remaster (or semi-remake, whatever you prefer) of the first Modern Warfare, I was interested in seeing how this one turned out. And reliving some of the epic missions you partake in in this campaign, with added lighting effects, new animations and updated graphics, was definitely worth it. No multiplayer, sadly, but then again, that makes this trophy list even easier to pull off.


I do think it's a bit overpriced for what it ultimately is, even with the Warzone extras you get. Once it hits a price drop, like it does right now with the Days of Play sale, pick it up, by all means. And all that's left, is waiting for the inevitable Modern Warfare 3 campaign remaster.


Most frustrating trophy - The Price of War




Finish the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. Just go straight for Veteran, seems superfluous to do Hardened first. There are a few hard sections where cheap deaths could occur, but as long as you let the AI pull up and help you out, and you use proper CQC techniques (translation: not rushing through rooms like a headless chicken), you should be fine.


Be glad there's no "Mile High Club on Veteran difficulty" trophy in this game's list, like there was back in Modern Warfare Remastered.


We do not speak of that mission on Veteran difficulty.


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                  Call of Duty WWII #144 :platinum:


like a lot COD games despite of the critics and re-use of the series year after year I still enjoy them and if the trophies are possible for me (not like bo4) I like to try them.


I stop buying the series since ghost so I only get them via a friend or free like this case and thanks god this one is the game they choice to give in the series. Right now I can say this and mw2 are my favorites in the whole saga just amazing the feeling of coming back to the classic whitout super armors and that stuff I really don't enjoy in the modern games series.


The campaing it's short but amazing and fun, right now the multiplayer feels good (I know at launch was a disaster) and the zombies well it's not my favorite part I gotta admit it's pretty good better than BO3 zombies wich is the last one zombies cod I tried.


I really enjoyed the journey to get this platinium, the most difficult part for me zombies and the part I enjoyed the more the campaing. The multiplayer it's really good a fun too I got to level 55 really fast with the double xp event and a map called shipment 1### (forgot the numbers). So......


Dificulty: 5/10

Enjoyement: 8/10

Time: 1 week 2 days

Rarity: Ultra Rare.


Now going I think for Star Wars Battlefront II or Lego Ninja Go.


Good bye all! Cheers




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Posted (edited)



Platinum #23: VA-11 HALL-A (Vita)



:platinum: Jill of all trades 
Unlock all trophies.

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