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Okay here we go, I'll try my best not be biased here, but I need to give an actual feedback for this one. First of all I need to tell you all that, the original game not only is within my top 10 of all time - the story from it ranks on my top 3 amongst even movies. That game was a life altering experience to me that I still treasure to this day.


Now for the sequel, all I can say without sounding like a fan boy is don't trust leaks ( I still didn't check them even though I already wrapped the story, I didn't read metacritic scores/users reviews, nothing. As a result I was completely oblivious when I started. The final result was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life. This game questioned my morals, played with my emotions and in lot of times my stance towards most characters. 


In the end, I am happy to say that this game was not only necessary but it also delivers one of the best experiences for any player regardless of their background. The raw emotion, the delivery of the characters, the morals, my god man, what a masterpiece. 


Oh and for those wondering, I do think this one doesn't need a sequel. I wanted one, I thought the first deserved, and crushing as it is, this entry was needed. 


10/10 in all aspects. Thank you Sony


Now wow a fan with this PS5, greatness awaits and I can't wait to witness with my own eyes


Here is my plat pic, I'll put in spoilers as I don't want to spoil to my fellow gamers. As a side note I'll just say that this one in particular touched me personally, as I did too, as a child dreamed about being astronaut and loved dinosaurs. 


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I pretty much agree with this entire post word for word.  The Last of Us 2 was only my 20th platinum, but it's the one that I'll be treasuring for a very long time!  I loved this game a ridiculous amount.  I didn't get it spoiled for me luckily!


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1 hour ago, BADMUSTAFA said:

Dark Souls III : Platinum#9

Difficult: 3.5/10

Fun : 10/10 for me

Time : 10 hr 32 min


All know the amazing generation of dark souls . Today I will explain my Strategy in this amazing games with my Friend the legend player souls @Okba_Derouiche

Before all I am played this game before and earn platinum this game like 38 times also helped a lot people and already complete NG+ 132 So let’s start 


First Step -> from the beginning with first boss is easy -> after beat the boss and in Second area my friend wait me in every door with his single -> he start with me after I beat Lord Of Cinder : Abyss watcher -> he give me Souls. / weapon / 

Lvl my character and let’s go to kill boss quick - in first Playthrough we defeated every boss also hidden boss until first flame -> without collect any collectables cause I’m running & also I am doing the glitch with cd first published + I have the game install in hard drive to 


Second Step -> after the strategy with boss Join every covenant in your way all of them until dark-moon this step with the first step


Third Step -> with second Ending I’m collect every gestures and some pyromancies , sorceries , miracles / but be sure keep in your mind every this 3 trophy you will get it in last end when you pick every ashes in Firelink shrine for buy all pyromancies , sorceries, miracles & my friend give me the ring &Done


the key you must know every step with remember everything it’s small game But it is in the Collectables like a maze

Congrats on the fastest achieve! really impressive strategy.


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