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Because this stupid game GoNNER pissed me off so much with the glitches and the 0.0001 FPS during Shooty World I've decided to start tackling some easier games on my backlog.  If you want an easy game grab this one - it's on sale.


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On 28.08.2020 at 1:02 PM, B1rvine said:

Tomb Raider : Anniversary

:platinum: Master of Tomb Raider : Anniversary



I'm still on my PS3 final backlog cleanup. This one brings back memories to when I first played a portion of Tomb Raider on some PS1 demo disc. It's a remaster of the original Tomb Raider, so it's good. Unfortunately there was one section the game that wanted to continually crash in Egypt. I'm not sure if it was my disc, PS3, or something else. Anyway, made it through.


Enjoyment : 7.5 / 10

Difficulty : 2.5 / 10


Great game, great choice!! 


I didnt have any technical problems with my game 3 years ago but hard mode trophy bugged on me so i had to play twice back then. 


I love old school tomb raider 💟

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