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On 03/09/2020 at 3:24 PM, FearlessElle said:

the worst of them was getting 10000 orbs.

I'm doing this as we speak 😅. Congrats btw!


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Sadly I joined the "I am Mayo" club and got my 49th Platinum trophy.  I admire the companies sense of humour*, which lets face it they are from Costa Rica and I don't blame them at all.  Interesting wildlife but corrupt politics and poverty. 


Major drawback of this game I think is that you will probably get RSI off playing it, my arm was going dead after a while, but as I say you have to have a sense of humour in life or you are a long time dead.  Also there is only one Mayonnaise and that's Hellmann's mayonnaise no other kind will do [ and we have tried many].



* I think we can all do with some humour right now too.

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Got the plat for The Surge last night in my quest to plat all Souls-like games.


I enjoyed it for the most part however I felt the game was less skill based and more focused on upgrading gear. Often times there would be just a bunch of enemies that you just needed to brute force your way through, necessitating grinding to upgrade your gear constantly. There also weren’t enough bosses.


I’d give it a 7/10. Solid game for the most part with some nice unique elements. Not in a rush to go out and get the Surge 2. 


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40-platinum.png  Platinum 222  40-platinum.png


Platinum deliveryman
Open all trophies.

98.06% Common



Road Bustle

27 minutes, 7 seconds


Worst Game of the Year. 😐

But for 60 cents I should of known. 😛


40-platinum.png  Platinum 223  40-platinum.png


Quote Unquote
Collect all the trophies

95.81% Common



One Word by POWGI

47 minutes, 58 seconds


Wanted to try these game for a while. 😬


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