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Farcry New Dawn


still waiting to platinum farcry 5! can't seem to find anyone to 'complete 3 quests with a friend' trophy 😑


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99 Vidas - You, the master of unlocking...


...take it with you.
I've been playing side scrollers beat'em ups since I was 10 in arcades, but Elite difficulty is really hard, having just 5 lives.

Enemies are faster and smarter, bosses are stronger and you can't fight them alone, like in previous modes. One or two normal enemies are blocking you from beating him, and if you kill them they respawn. Even the weak man with shorts who looks like Krillin can be dangerous on Elite.
I couldn't believe myself I managed to get to that funny fake dragon using Sadiv66 fully upgraded, but with 1 life and 10% energy. Guess what happened next.
So...I had to do the safest and longest way: farming lives, starting from Easy difficulty and finishing a New Game+ three times (every NG+ increases difficulty).

I had 99 lives before completing Hard difficulty, but I played every level of Elite mode like I had only 1. I really hate those soccer players, so fast and always tackling at you.

The real pain was not this almost endless playing it again and again, but it was praying my ps3 won't freeze while playing...and this actually happened 2 times, of course during Stage 6, just before beating Boss. Damn!
But my motivation was high, I reloaded again this savegame and finished it one last time.    

72 lives left, and finally the joy of having that last Gold Trophy, before this plat.        

No more beat'em ups until 2021.

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Just got FullBlast jp complete.  That is all of the FullBlast games.  Really enjoy this little game.  Would enjoy more like it.





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1 hour ago, Ala-Arska said:

NieR: Automata



Final Words

Thank you for playing



Yeah pretty much my thoughts. I was actually going to do it legit but the game locked me out of a bunch of side missions without warning and I was like "fuck you".


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39 minutes ago, ExistentialSolid said:


:platinum: #203: Okami HD
~ Top Dog ~

Difficulty: 4/10 ~ Enjoyment: 8/10

If you've somehow never played Okami but really enjoyed some of the older 3D Zelda titles (OoT, WW, TP), you owe it to yourself to give Okami a try. It draws inspiration from the best but forges its own identity with a gorgeous art style, creative gameplay (seriously, the brush techniques are still really fun to mess around with), and a story focused around Japanese mythology and folklore. I just wish I could remember more of what happened...

I picked up Okami right where I left off nearly a year and a half ago: right up to the point of no return in the story, and right in the middle of the fishing grind. I put the game on hold for so long that I forget almost everything about it. I forgot how to fight, I forgot some of the basic brush techniques, and I had no idea what was going on in the story. Luckily, I remembered the map well enough to mop up the last of my errands but it's a shame I've done such a disservice to a classic. Don't let this game rot in your backlog like I did!

Congrats Solid. Looks like a decent game to platinum. 😊


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