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#385 Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet.........yeah......I don't really have much to say about this. Easy double platinum since I did it on Vita and PS4 for $4.99. I did 6 games back to back after I finished Far Cry New Dawn that were all cross buy and all extremely easy platinums. And now it's back to the backlog trying to clean it up more.


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Trine 4 from PS Now. decently fun puzzle game, enjoyed the aesthetic of it.



Enjoyment: 8


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9 minutes ago, cr1s said:

:platinum: #471 | 21,000th Trophy | 500th Completed Game

TrackMania Turbo




Who's the TrackMaster? You!


Enjoyment: 9/10

Difficulty: 8/10


I'm very excited to add this platinum to my collection! ^_^ This was one long and grueling journey (spanning about a month and a half of irregular play in my case), but it was also equally fun and thrilling. It was a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled experience unlike any I've had in a racing game. Although simple in concept, this game never feels boring or repetitive. There's lots of enjoyment and excitement to be had here, be it from racing on (and around) the various tracks and environments or slowly getting better at and eventually nailing those difficult tracks. The most I spent on a single track was 10 hours (#178), but there were plenty of tracks that took me hours to beat. My favorite tracks were the rollercoaster ones, whereas my least favorite ones were the tropical ones, even though the tropical environment was my favorite.


To summarize this game: it's fast and furious. Play it, enjoy it, curse at it, throw your controller(s) at it.


If anyone is actually wondering, no controllers were harmed throughout this journey, thankfully. xD

Oh Damn! Nice work! I really want to add this to my collection as I love TM games but have only played on PC. I've yet to play Turbo, but it looks awesome but also a grueling platinum! Consider me impressed, this truly is a great feat!


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