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platinum #464 Uncharted Tides: Port Royal (ps4)
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i had done this game several days ago but i didn't want to update till i finished 1 of 2 DLC for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor. i get a break from the game for now until i finish the next one which will be Queens Quest 4: Sacred Truce (ps4) Bright Lord doesn't look to have much insanity compared to the other one.

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(:platinum: 59)  Fuse

Platinum Trophy




Enjoyment: Story 5/10  -  Echelon 10/10

Difficulty:   6/10


Oh how my heart weeps for what could have been. The trailer to Overstrike looked incredible. It had the fun characters and snappy dialogue we come to expect from Insomniac Games. And of course, it had the weapons. And then… this came out.



If I had to describe Fuse in two words it would be generic and bland 💤. It’s like taking the average of every FPS out there and completely draining it of it’s soul. I can’t remember anything about the story. The missions are dull, the characters forgettable, there isn’t that much enemy variety and the bosses are mostly just bullet sponges. I played through the entire game co-op with a friend and neither of us could really get into it. It was more like, oh yeah we still have this game lying around as well.


To be fair the weapons are cool. Each character has a unique weapon and you can switch between the characters at any time. On my first co-op playthrough I mostly used Dalton. Years later I decided to clean up the backlog and played through the game solo on the hardest difficulty. Here I used all the characters equally and that certainly makes the game more fun, though it’s still bland as hell. Except for Dalton, the idea for all of the other weapons is pretty much the same – just shoot your weapon at the bad guys, no strategy involved.


However, this game really wasn’t meant to be played alone. It was meant to be played as a group. When you have 3 or 4 players, each with its own character the game starts to come alive, especially in the Echelon mode – consisting of 12 waves of increasing difficulty with sometimes multiple bosses in a single wave. Where before, the game was just very average, now it was incredible. I had a great boosting session with @HyperFusion0 and @Ragemaru where we aimed to five star all of the Echelon Maps for the respective trophies. Somehow the game just completely hit that sweet spot of being very challenging but not impossible. It was just a continuous 25 minutes of fun and focus with each map and getting five stars for each of them was immensely satisfying :highfive:. I have to say, this was the most fun I’ve had with the game in a long time. Something I had never expected with Fuse. Before I was frustrated that the maps had to be completed with 2+ players so I had to boost them, but now I’m really glad that they were and I can absolutely see why the developers made them that way.


The last trophy I needed was for upgrading all the Team Perks. Going through the entire campaign only got me enough Credits to fully upgrade 1 perk. And there are 16 perks… Seriously, the payout in campaign is ridiculously low. However, in Echelon the payout is much better and since I had so much fun with the mode I decided to just play it legit instead of using the exploit where you can spend your credits multiple times. So yeah, in short this was a game of extremes. The campaign was incredibly boring and generic, but Echelon was incredible to play with a team.


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