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#197. I'm going to admit, Miles was way more fun to play than l though but story was pretty poor tbh


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Platinum #18

Bugsnax Master



Difficulty: 3/10

Enjoyment: 9/10


Going two for two on PS5 Platinums feels pretty good, actually! Bugsnax is by far the better of the two (the other being Astro's Playroom). What can I say? I adore this game. The Bugsnax are adorable, the tone of Snaktooth island is unsettling and just weird, the character writing is way deeper then I ever expected, and it had really solid same-sex relationship depictions! My only real problems were how, gameplay-wise, repetitive the side-quests got, though I loved their writing. I also just got kind of sick of having to go back and forth from area to area to only catch one or two Bugsnax. But I digress - I honestly think this might be one of the best launch titles for a Playstation, ever - and it's an easy Plat, to boot!


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5 hours ago, GarciaFever said:

#201 Mugen Souls




Damn, u did it.

Still remember you dm'ing me 6 years ago about it lol



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