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Concept Destruction


This is more or less a copy of the post I made on the official game thread... 


I know that this game is only $5, but I have never played a car racing/destruction game so bad, that I actually got nauseous and dizzy as hell playing this for the 20-30 minutes to get this platinum.  The controls are super tank heavy and the boost takes what feels like eternity to activate, or even see that it is active.  Both of these issues makes this game not fun at all...  The game is just bad!


Want an easy, cheap PSN platinum to obtain, sure this game is for you.  Want to possibly feel sick after doing so, this game is also for you. 


I don't recommend this game whatsoever...


Difficulty - 1 out of 10

Fun factor - .5 out of 10


Now on to The Pathless for #124 and then Cyberpunk 2077 for my 125th platinum milestone 😀 


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