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#37 spider man miles morales 


This game is really good, I enjoyed it on PS5 and definitely worth the money.


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On 06/12/2020 at 8:38 PM, voodoo_eyes said:

#514 - Spyro



I enjoyed this one more than I had anticipated. However the controls did not feel great for the most part. The game looks preety damn good thoug, so at least on that aspect, it excels When it comes to the dialogue, it's literally pointless. Terrible lines that should've jst been left out of the game, as they added nothing to it. The flying levels weren't too bad for the most part, although Wild Flight took me qute a few atempts.


Enjoyment: 7

Difficulty: 3.5

Those lines from the Dragons were in the original game, so why take it out for the remake - I have to say Toys for Bob did a good job though. 


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