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:platinum:#55 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Took me over 115 hours, it is a decent challenge but it wasn't that hard just time consuming.



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#140 - Skatemasta Tcheco



So, i got this as a sort of support purchase. The first version of this game on Steam, several years ago now, was being advertised by the creator on a small retro forum I posted on at the time. He'd been working on a newer, better version all this time and I couldn't help myself. Although I wasn't expecting a 10 minute platinum, I'm not surprised. He ever never into the whole idea of achievements, so I can see him just tossing some together for the submission. As for the game itself, it's fun and strangely challenging. Biggest problem is while each level is auto-scroll, so is your character apart from the screen. Both are always auto-scrolling, so landing on small platforms and then waiting there is extra difficult. Quick platinum aside, mild recommend for anyone who likes arcade type platformers.


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