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Plat#288 Spongebob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated 


I have no idea why I was slacking on this game it was so much fun.


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:platinum:#331: Well Done!



My final platinum this year. A bit of a shame that it ended on a easy peasy platinum, but I wasn't feeling up to anything, so I'll take it. 


High percentage rate means exactly what you think; easy requirements, don't even have to beat the game, and cheats that make it super easier.


I could talk about how crappy this year was, but that's old news. I will say that it's a damn shame, because it was 2020.


Think about that, two 20s in a row, a once in a lifetime event where something grand should have happened, and all we had is a bunch of death and a major blow to our ways of life. And I get to thinking, what if something even worse is around the corner? What if 2020 was 2000 on repeat, with something truly awful on the horizon in 2021?


Or maybe 2020 WAS our terrible year, and something better is waiting. I dunno, but hopefully I'm around to see whatever it may be. 


Happy New Years!




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