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Halloween Forever

Enjoyment: 5/10

Difficulty: 6/10


A fun-enough action platformer that gets stupid.



-8-bit graphics are always visually appealing

-Decent enough platforming

-Two playable characters are great

-Trophies are straightforward

-Halloween theme is fun, but...



-Not at all used to its fullest potential. Outside of the pumpkin character and the Jason-like enemy, there isn't much actually themed for Halloween. There's mostly just generic enemies that are potentially 'spooky'.

-World 3 and 4 are inarguably terrible.

-Some extremely questionable hitboxes.

-The skull-and-eyes and frog bosses can eat my taint.

-Beating the game with every character (except one) is tedious, mostly due to a majority of the characters not being fun (or being just bad) to use,

-1HP mode is an unnecessary trophy, mainly due to the game being designed to be bullshit. Enemies drop out of nowhere, you'll get mobbed, certain bosses are blatant bullshit, checkpoints are mainly right before or after bosses, among other reasons. The game isn't long so it's easy to memorize it, and you can get one extra life in each world, but I rarely felt like a death was 100% my fault in this mode.


TL;DR: A decent action platformer that should be played through only once or twice, and that's assuming you're using the good characters.


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Got number 110 or 120 or so, I forget, for Blasphemous. An excellent Metroid clone. Highly recommended if you like the genre. The penitence themes are just out there.

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