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2 hours ago, Jelly Soup said:

0_0 Someone figured out a trick for this game? Time to come back to it.

Haha. Really only helps with Old School mode, turning it into another normal playthrough a third of the way in. Still a lot of tough stuff to do just to get to that point, though. ūüėÖ


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8 hours ago, acidkai_ak said:


Awesome job! I just platinumed the whole Crash Bandicoot Trilogy as well.  


                                                    :platinum: Crash Bandicoot                                :platinum: Crash Bandicoot 2                         :platinum: Crash Bandicoot: Warped



Yay! Good for you!

And thanks!

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Queen's Quest 3: The End Of Dawn (PS4)





Needed something a bit relaxing after grinding through hours of the same game mode on Pure Pool. This certainly was relaxing. I tend to compare Artifex Mundi games to take away food or a familiar meal that you enjoy eating but couldn't eat every day. It is a bit lame but that is the best analogy I could come up with for games made by this developer.


I'll be honest though, this game isn't too far outside of the usual formula that most of the other Artifex Mundi titles I have played tend to stick to. You at least know what you are going to get. I don't think this is an improvement on Queen's Quest 2. That game has a fairly unique approach to the formula, adding a few gameplay elements that change things up a bit. I did have a lot of fun with Queen's Quest 3 though, if you like Artifex Mundi titles like I do ( They have some very impressive artistry in them, especially My Brother Rabbit). You are probably going to like this one too. Just don't expect a really intricate meaningful narrative, because I don't think you will find one.


But it is a nice chilled out relaxing experience. I think people know what to expect with these titles so I won't really mention the trophies apart from the fact this can be played on casual mode so you can go nuts clicking X all over the screen without worrying about the screen going blurry and your character going "ahh my head hurts". Funny thing is though, I think originally I picked up the Queen's Quest games because I wanted a platinum beginning with Q (bit weird I know) plus there isn't a whole lot of choice in that area haha!


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platinum #480 Lego Movie 2: The Video Game

completed in 2 days and 14 hours

platinum rarity 43.83% uncommon

platinum name: you are just as special as we are


game was very easy to finish just time consuming, got me a bit prepared to do if i ever start lego worlds. going to hit up a few ACA/Neo Geo Games then begin Gris (ps4). going to follow some of what the others are playing at least for this next one.


neogeo/aca games planned: pulstar/Top Hunter Roddy and Cathy

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Platinum #31 Tom Raider: Definitive edition

Completed it in 3 week, 5 days

Platinum rarity 5,53%


Not a hard platinum trophy to get, you only need a boosting partner for some of the multiplayer trophies. Single player was quite amusing. Think I'm gonna play the other two parts of the trilogy as well in the future. 


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:platinum: All-Star Fruit Racing Champion

Unlock all the trophies


Well, it's a suitable trophy image and especially platinum title. I'll take it.



A fruit themed kart racer that's not better than mainstream kart racing franchises, like Mario Kart and Sonic racing, overall, but still fairly good and worth playing at the appropriate price.



Twenty-two characters in total (17 females, 5 males. . . weird ratio there). Despite all the character portraits alluding to personality the characters have, it's not actually the case. Each gender falls under certain character archetypes. Females have the most, falling under 3 types, while males (just barely) fall under 2 types. For females', there's the one playing with their cellphone type (8), the short girls that take a bow before twirling type (4), and the last seemingly being the impatient type (5). Now with males, 4/5 males fall under the same type (no surprise), while only 1/5 falls under a unique type/his own type. The fucked up part about the 4/5 group is that it's a direct copy of one of the female's, which essentially gives the male group no identity of their own. Lastly, every character also shares the same podium animations.



One of, if not, the best parts about this game. It's obvious that stages received a lot of focus during development. There's 21 total stages, 4 stages per themed-island except for the last which has one extra stage. In terms of both background detail and physical track design (twisting, sharp, curvy, spiraling, upward, downward roads, etc, some celling/wall driving) they're are simply very good. Colorful and environmentally varied (beach, snow, rocky terrain, etc), too. Just all around really good.


Gameplay & Items

There's several weird parts about the gameplay. There's this weightless impact and non-existent sound cues upon collision from air to ground, as well as contact onto vehicles and walls. The button mapping for looking backwards is the down button on the d-pad (because of the item system concept), which is physically inconveniently and clearly doesn't work well for strategic maneuvers or ideas that rely on looking backwards while driving.


The item system is unique compared to the typical kart racer, as items can be combined with one, two, or three others to make a new move. Each button on the action pad corresponds to one of the four tanks that need to be filled up with a certain type of juice that when full becomes an attack that can be launched or combined with other tanks of juice for other, usually more powerful attacks. When all four tanks are combined it's known as a Mega-Juice (ultimate) move, which is unique per character, though some of them function similar to others. 


Vehicle control is good all around‚ÄĒfeels good to play, whether it's steering, turning, or drifting.


Up to 10 participants can race, which is customizable outside career, and there is up to four player split-screen.


Under the name Pistons, speed difficulties are here, including easy (one piston), medium (two piston), and hard (three piston).



Unfortunately it's subpar, even on an atmospheric level. It's not catchy, memorable, or entertaining enough to listen to outside (and even within) the game.



Some good stuff here, including vehicle customization, online play, tutorial, time attack, championship (fast and custom), career, custom race and all its modes. 


Career comprises of 11 cups and doesn't feature a story.


The tutorial is well designed, showing the player all the essentials with the various mechanics.


Time attack isn't super hard overall but contains challenging times on some stages, on hard. As bad as this might seem, this mode is where I had the most fun, despite there not being an option to race friend or online player's time.


Customization is above average, allowing the body, body mask, wheels, rims, front mask, antenna, and horn to be changed on a garage menu. Multiple creations, which can also be randomized, can be made and saved under slots, and they can always be used regardless of which character is picked.


Custom race is the go-to mode where regular races can be had. Besides championships, it's also where all the other different (5) race events can be played.


Championship (regular and fast, offline and online) is a series of 2-6 races that can take place, with customizable laps, difficulty, stages, and race events. (Its fast counterpart randomizes everything for the player.)


Compared to just about every other kart racer I have and played (Crash's, Sonics', etc) online play was unexpectedly competent and smooth all the time from my experience when getting the online trophies. Didn't have any of the usual or unusual connection issues that is seen and experienced in other games of the genre. It also doesn't take a long time to connect online and set up a lobby, and every game mode except time attack, tutorial, and career can be played online. Voice chat also exist, and there is a option to mute people if necessary. As always, I also highly appreciate the ability to invite people without adding them.


Unlockables exist and it even has its own section, which is great. It contains content like, other piston difficulties, characters, kart parts, and has a description on how to unlock them all. Really appreciate this game giving this its own viewable section. However, I don't like the design choice of characters being locked behind amount of time played, e-especially when time spent in time attack is excluded.


A lot are straightforward but there are some grind based and online ones as well. 


One of the type of trophies I really hate are those that require a certain amount of time to be spent playing the game, especially in the cases when they're the only ones left after all other trophies are obtained. This game has four of those trophies, and it's clearly a cheap way to prolong people to keep playing the game. It's two, five, ten and twenty hours. By the time I finished everything in the career and gotten every miscellaneous offline trophy that was obtainable, I hadn't even reached five hours. The worse part about this all is for these trophies, time spent in time attack is excluded. I'd willingly bet this was done deliberately to prevent trophy hunters from abusing indefinite idle time in time attack to get all the time-related trophies, which can't be done in any other mode. So with time attack completed after the career that left me with mainly the time based and online trophies. I focused on whatever I could, which due to the mostly inactive online, was grinding for time. Did the method from the one guide here. Eventually I found a partner for the online and took care of everything in under two hours, leaving the tedious grind for the remaining time-related trophies.


The game could have really did without those trophies, or alternatively time spent playing time attack should be allowed.

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trophies/clean up

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On 1/28/2021 at 0:25 PM, StewartBros said:

:platinum: # 167




Platinum Trophy

Unlock all other trophies


"Uphold the principles of our order and all that for which we stand, never share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work.  Do so, until death - whatever the cost.  This is my new creed.  I am Shay Patrick Cormac, Templar of the Colonial.... of the American rite."


I played Rogue about 5 years ago, back on PS3, and decided that enough time had passed for me to play the Remastered version now :)


I still enjoyed it - the story is too short, and could really have been done with being longer, but Shay's story arc was still pretty good.  It features several characters from AC III and IV, and somewhat ties into the very beginning of AC Unity when you start the final mission.  The naval combat is pretty much the same as in AC IV, though Shay does have a few new moves and weapons when on land.


I did experience numerous graphical glitches during play, such as enemies getting stuck within objects in the environment, one character failing to load in during a cutscene (resulting in Shay talking to thin air and said thin air talking back to him¬† ūüėÜ), and even falling through the map when I was inside one of the caves, resulting in my having to exit and reload the game, but none of these were especially problematic.


I still have assorted collectibles to locate, side missions to do, and some naval routes to unlock, so I'll get those done even though I already platted the game.  Earning a platinum is no reason to immediately stop playing a game that you enjoy.

Until Origins came along Rogue was my favourite AC. I think it gets overlooked because it was originally a PS3-only release (despite the PS4 having been around a year and getting it's own title released at the same time). I don't think they meant to but the writers/developers really showed how flawed the Creed is, not just in their actions during Rogue but throughout the entire series. Their blind focus on beating the Brotherhood to relics despite the harm on civilians made them seem like zealots and I've never looked at Assassins the same way since.

Shay was likeable. Until Bayek came along he was also my favourite protagonist in the series. And bringing the Black Flag mechanics to a beautiful map (the snowy Atlantic was gorgeous) was great combo.

And it was a moderate challenge platinum to boot. I only had trouble with a single trophy. One where a specific kind of ship needed to appear on the map. I had to grind a bit for that one waiting for them to spawn.


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