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Platinum #79Adventures of Mana



:platinum: The Hero of Mana - Obtain all trophies.

10,013 Owners - 2,633 Achievers for a percentage of 26.30% (average completion; 36.23%)




Enjoyment; 6/10

Difficulty; 2/10

Trophies; 5/10 (only four tiles although the Plat image is NICE, dull list, hilarious alliteration in names)

Game Boy era nostalgia; 10/10


My third and final Platinum for the month, and the second to be exclusive to the Vita as far as Playstation platforms are concerned. This was an interesting one.


On June 28th 1991 a game by the name of Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden was released for the Game Boy in Japan, followed by a North American release as Final Fantasy Adventure five months later, and a release as Mystic Quest (why tho?) in Europe in 1993. Whatever you want to call it, this game was intended to be a small side story to the 'proper' Final Fantasy games on consoles and mixed FF's trademark RPG mechanics with the general gameplay of The Legend of Zelda (Link's Awakening plays incredibly similar to this game despite coming out two years later). For the second game the Zelda-esque elements were dropped, resulting in a more streamlined RPG experience. That sequel? The famous and much loved Secret of Mana.


Besides obviously leading to Secret, the original Seiken Densetsu/Mana is also notable for being the debut of Yoshinori Kitase who would go on to play a big role in the development of future Final Fantasy titles. Yet this first game was more or less forgotten as the world moved on, until Square realized in 2015 that the 25th anniversary of its release was fast approaching. A complete, faithful remake was commissioned for mobile devices and the floundering Playstation Vita, launching in February 2016 as Adventures of Mana.


You might not be particularly interested in the blurb about the original 1991 game, but for all intents and purposes, this 2016 title is the same game. Almost the exact same. Sure, the graphics were spruced up, but no alterations were made to story, gameplay, or even the world; every single tile is 1:1 the same as it was two and a half decades ago. This insane degree of adherence to the original product is something I have never, ever seen from a remake, and in a way I believe it should be commended as I'm sure we can all name a few remakes that actively changed things for the worse.




However, sticking so tightly to the 1991 recipe also means that you get a game of that year's standards - the 'open world' if you can call it that is a tad small and rather bland, some of the design decisions are insanely frustrating (you constantly need to stock up on mattocks and keyrings to progress), and even the old 2^16 integer value remains (meaning that any number in the game including your coins cannot go over 65535). And the most infamous puzzle of the Game Boy era remains as well; in the desert, you are given the hints 'eight' and 'two palm trees'. The player has to then figure out that they need to run in that pattern around two specific trees to open the next dungeon. This was and is virtually undoable without a guide and the internet is littered with anecdotes of people who played the original in the 90's and were stuck for months or even years.


If one commits to overlooking these little idiosyncracies, there is a lot to love in this game; a simple but endearing story that doesn't pull any punches and a whole slew of diverse bosses to do battle against. You also get a nice shiny Platinum for your efforts, although some of the Trophies are a little counter-intuitive - you can miss out on multiple Golds if you invest level up points in the Sage or Monk classes even once and to reach level 99 for :silver:Gemma Knight you are expected to grind about 50 levels by reloading the same tile over and over and over and killing the two or three enemies that spawn there - a process that can take between 5 to 10 hours. And seeing as there is no post-game or New Game +, you need to collect all items, weapons, armor, shields, and helms for each of their Silver Trophies in one run or be forced to reload a save or even do a second playthrough - the latter is a common occurance for weapons as there is one particular sword that is tied to a specific, missable room that is not available for exploration later on.


There is also one nasty hardlock where your Chocobo (this is a FF side game after all) will spawn on the other side of the world outside of your reach just when you need it to progress further into the game - I had this happen and lost three hours of gameplay, plus another two in getting back to where I became locked. An unwelcome frustration in what was otherwise a very enjoyable affair. If there are still any Vita owners knocking around this thread, I can wholeheartedly recommend Adventures of Mana to them; with a guide and a bit of care, you'll get a dozen enjoyable hours plus a bit of a grind for the Plat out of this game


Interesting that you had that hardlock. I had a different one. I loaded a save and I was locked in a pitch black room. Couldn't move, couldn't attack. I could open the map, which indicated I was in the Snowfields shop. Oddly glitchy port.


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:platinum: #68 One Night Stand


A easy platinum that shouldn't take you longer than say 2 hours with a guide. 


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knocked over a couple of personal milestones in the last few days...


#726: Clash Force  AS 

(PS4 plat #350; PSN lvl 850)


#727: Norman's Great Illusion   Vita 

(PSN lvl 851)


#728: Knightin'+    Vita  NA 

( trophy #23,000; Vita plat #300)


#729: Crypto by POWGI    Vita  NA 

(PSN lvl 852)


#730: The Language of Love


#731: Autumn's Journey 

(PSN lvl 853)

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