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Here's all the Platinums I got in January:


:platinum:  #31 Mekabolt (Vita)

Platinum Mekabolt




:platinum:  #32 Himno (Vita)

Platinum Himno




Already Platinumed both Mekabolt and Himno on PS4 last year, but I wanted some games I could play in the background while watching AGDQ 2021 and remembered I still had the Vita versions left to complete.


:platinum:  #33 Donut County (PS4)

All Done




Absolutely charming reverse Katamari. Had a lot of fun sucking up stuff and watching what would come next in the story.


:platinum:  #34 Octonaut (PS4)

Octo Star




Decent shmup game. Felt like your hitbox was a little too big and some levels were really frustrating to navigate.

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Metal Gear Solid 4, like a BOSS <ba dum tis>


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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride


Hidden Object puzzle game. Pretty standard as to what you'd expect from the genre. A decent game with a nice variety of trophies. Very easy.


I rate it 7/10.


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:platinum: #216


Gravel Hero



Boy oh boy. Another Milestone racer...another disappointment overall.


I feel like the odd man out here, because when I look around the net for what people have to say about Milestone's racing games, they always seem to be met with positivity and applause. And I just don't get WHY!? I mean, all the games I've played of them, I come away always feeling like they laid ground work for something big, something that could be a true hit, and they miss the mark....every. single. time. And it's always for the same reason. The core driving mechanics SUCK!


It always feels like you're driving on nothing. Sure the controller vibrates in different ways to try and signify terrain differentials, but when you look past that, it's always like your car is just driving on air. And this causes very slippery driving, like you're on ice all the time (which is ironic considering this game has ice based tracks in it). Cars fish tail too easily, spin out without much reason, severe wheel lock when braking without the Assists turned on.  It just becomes a game where you're fighting to keep the car stable...rather than testing your skill around a track. I mean, like anything you eventually learn to deal with it, you learn which cars are best for you in each class, and it becomes second nature. But at no point does it ever feel like a competent racing experience. 


I got the Special Edition on sale for $6. There's no DLC trophies, but the DLC definitely helps in the grind you'll have in the endgame getting to level 99 for all the Liveries trophy. I was only level 58 I think when finishing the base campaign...which was boring by the way, it's just the same old concept. Rookie racer comes in, dominates the veterans, end of campaign, nothing story, nothing explaining how good you're doing. Just race after race. It'd be nice if we had some damn commentary that actually makes mention of how we keep winning or something. Anyways, with the DLC, I finished at level it only took a few replays of some quick Championships to hit max level, so I'd recommend the DLC to alleviate a potential serious grind without it. 


Overall, with all the games Milestone makes, you'd think they figure this all out by now. But it's always same experience that proves WHY these are budget racing titles. Granted, it's better than WRC5...but that's not hard to achieve.

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