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Platinum #128: Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend 

Ultra rare, 1.99%
Difficulty: 6.5/10 (highly skill dependent) 

Enjoyment: 5/10 


Normally I enjoy the Blazblue games but this one just didn’t click with me. The piss poor voice acting kind of took me out of the experience. A decently challenging platinum. Completing all of one characters combo challenges is no joke. I’m kind confused why ‘I am the law’ and ‘Marital bliss‘ are the two rarest trophies. The combos you have to do for those are simple compared what you have to do for ‘Frame advantage’. On a bit of a side note I just noticed that the last 4 games that I platinumed are all fighting games (Skullgirls 2nd Encore, Samurai Showdown, Blazblue Central Fiction and this one).


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platinum #485 Monsters Vs Aliens

completed in 3 days and 7 hours

platinum rarity 19.98% rare

platinum name: Monsters Vs Aliens Champion


managed to finish one drawer game. helpful video for the Be My Guest trophy helped shorten the time in which to platinum need 10M points combined across the game for a gold. next game will be The Secret Order: Shadow Breech (ps4) artifex mundi game seems easy enough.


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platinum #486 The Secret Order: Shadow Breach

completed in 13 hours and 33 minutes

platinum rarity 75.73% common


time to hit up one more drawer game. naruto is out that one is above 25 hour threshold. only one game remains and that is Ben 10 Omniverse (ps3) bought this one in october 2020.


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