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When The Past Was Around





I mean it was OK, I think it won some awards according to the title screen but it just didn't really do it for me.


A point-and-click game based around the story of grief/loss. The game seemed to be focused on the story much more than the gameplay which made the puzzles boring and lazy.


Although I'm usually a sucker for an indie game with a good story (Pinstripe still one of my favourites) I never connected with this one.


I like that you can replay chapters to collect any trophies you may have missed (thank God - another playthrough would leave you reaching for the bottle).


Not much more to say really.




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Platinum# 503 SPYRO 2: RIPTO’S RAGE. On the first of March, next platinum will be the first of next month and so on. I’m trying to limit myself to only 12 platinums this year since last year I got 100+ and it was my whole life. 


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Posted (edited)

Battlefield 1


World War One Hero

Obtain All Trophies

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The site did that stupid shit where it combined replies.

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11 hours ago, TheAbyssWalker61 said:

Anytime can help me to put the images of the platinum? Like all do?


Go onto the page for the platinum trophy you want the image for and then click on the picture. It should bring it up in its own page with a larger version of the picture. Then just copy the link of that page into the text box and the site should turn the link into an image. The link will end with ".png".




@Kyoko Izanami Had to delete this last night because the site attached it to my platinum post but I was wondering about your Far Cry 3 platinum. You said it was an 8/10 Grind Difficulty for you. I was wondering where that came from. There isn't really much grinding in Far Cry 3.


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I really enjoyed this point-and-click game. The art style and characters reminded me a lot of Machinarium which was a cracker of a game.


Some of the puzzles were genuinely challenging and much harder than your average PAC game, which was a bonus.


I enjoyed the quirky little story and the clear nods to other games (especially a segment where you travel backwards and forwards in time à la Day of the Tentacle).


An easy platinum that will take a couple to a few hours.











An extremely short but sweet puzzle game about a man coming to terms with his passing. Possibly the shortest and easiest Plat of all time?




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On 3/15/2021 at 1:38 PM, Undead Wolf said:

Playing this reminded me how good western RPG's can be. While most modern WRPG's go down the route of stripping out/dumbing down mechanics to appeal to a broader audience, Divinity throws that out the window and delivers an incredibly hardcore RPG with lots of depth. 

Diablo 3 is one of the biggest culprits. They simplified a lot of things to appeal to a broader audience. 

Blizzard purposely nerfed and simplified the skill tree system in World of Warcraft to appeal to a bigger audience. I’ve always felt that the more in depth a skill tree system is in a WRPG, the less of an audience and less profit you will generate. 

Games like Divinity: Original Sin is what IGN and Gamespot generally pass on. It retains its praise and audience on Steam. I’ve dabbled a little in it and it is superb. 

I still love Diablo 2 and still like Diablo 3 a little, but Divinity is proof you can go far and beyond. A good game doesn’t need a massive budget with giant publishers backing the project. 

Blizzard Entertainment is stuck with Activision, and sadly they are suffering. 


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