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6 hours ago, DamagingRob said:

:platinum: #515- Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast



May the Force Be With You, Kyle
Unlocked all Trophies


... This game aged horribly. Or was better on PC. I have a hard time believing anyone enjoyed this. If it weren't for cheats, I don't know if I would have finished it. It reminded me of the original Alice game that came with Madness Returns. Falling off a ledge, or messing up a jump can lead to death. And there is way too much opportunity for that.


It does let you save anytime, but with the caveat that it won't overwrite a save. This means you will probably get to a point where you try to save, but can't because you've ran out of slots.. So you'll have to close the game, delete a bunch of files (making sure not to delete the wrong ones, and have to recollect secrets), and then resume. But hey, Star Wars day plat.


Platinum image:

  Reveal hidden contents


Let the bodies hit the floor..


Even with cheats (and loving Star Wars), I haven’t bothered to finish it.  So janky.  So clunky.  I am glad I missed out on that era on gaming.


Maybe one day I’ll finish it... maybe.


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#108: Lego DC Supervillains

Time: ~35 hours

Difficulty: 2/10


My second favorite Lego game, but free play can suck a fat one





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(Word Maze by POWGI, Vita)


:platinum: #52: A-maze-ing!
Collect all the trophies

(stacks lol)




:platinum: #53: Tako Star

Unlock all other trophies

(Easy but kinda fun shmup game)




:platinum: #54: Awaken From The Dream
Get all other trophies

(Cute and fun puzzle-platformer, surprisingly tricky at parts too)


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