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Platinum #155: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 


Enjoyment: 10/10 

Difficulty: 5/10 


I love the persona fighting games, the gameplay mechanics just click with me. By fighting game standards the story is pretty good too. I really hope there’s a P5 Arena, especially if they bring back the cast from these games.

The first P4A plat is brutally hard, one of the hardest fighting game plats ever and probably in the top 20 or 30 hardest platinums overall. By comparison Ultimax is a walk in the park. The only trophy that requires a moderate level of fighting game skill is ‘Don’t think, feel’ which you get for completing all of a single characters combo challenges. Margaret’s challenges are only slightly difficult. Although they aren’t really hard the online trophies can be pretty tedious so I’d like to thank my boosting partner for being so patient with me after I forgot which characters I had already used in the online.


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:platinum:#65 Virtues Last Reward ( Nonary Games Series)




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platinum #509 Furwind (ps4) 

completed in 1 day and 16 minutes

platinum rarity: 44.13% uncommon

platinum name: Knowing The Whole World 

platinum difficulty: 4/10 (seems about right from the guide on this site)


this game was a fair challenge to my platforming skills. next game will be rainswept (ps4). but i wont start that till the morning. need to look for ps store games and maybe have a run of fall guys before bed.


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