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40 minutes ago, GoldenShaka said:

What? I thought the game had two glitched trophies.


Only one for me and I did that one with reinstalling the disc version without patch. The trophy was working in version 1.0


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32 minutes ago, Neptuos said:

:platinum:#238 - Darksiders 3




If i wanted to play dark souls, i'd play dark souls.


Everything is this game sucks. Every enemy attack is an interrupt, so if the enemy attacks while you are attacking, their attack gets priority, even if you connect, your actions will be interrupted, and you'll die. Health items and other consumables rely on a long animation that can and will be interrupted by enemy attacks, and if the health/item use animation is interrupted, you don't get the health or bonus, you take the hit and die again.

Primary attack is also the swing button, so 60 ~ 80% of the time, when you jump and attempt to swing from bjects, the game will register it incorrectly and Fury will perform an air attack instead of a chain swing. About 30% of those times, you will fall to your death.

There is no Save option in the menu, the game only saves whenever you enter an area and pass close to the Vulgrim station, and if you don't get close enough to Vulgrim for him to emerge from his hole, you don't get a save point. So if you complete a portion of an area, say a path to a mini boss or actual boss fight, but die before the next Vulgrim location, you will have to re-battle your way through the entire zone, as all of the enemies respawn. In addition, you lose all of the souls you've collected and haven't spent.


There are no more specific Wrath moves, no skill tree, no armor and no loot, so combat is super simplistic. There is only 1 wrath bar that gets completely drained after 1 wrath attack, and Wrath is incredibly difficult to build and do very, very little damage to enemies, even low level enemies. Chaos form looks cool but is a joke.


Cars and other environment objects are no longer destructible, only when Fury is in Chaos form, and she can't pick up or throw cars, a trait both of her horsemen brothers share. #girlpowah


Remember the maps from the first 2 games that gave you an idea where you were in the world and where you need to go? Not anymore, now there's no map or minimap for you, asshole, now you're a worthless, horseman scum, die where you are, confused, angry and alone.


Overall, Darksiders 3 is just a disappointing Dark Souls Wannabe.


Damn dude, that sounds awful. Congrats on getting it done.


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Takotan  EU
All 15 Trophies


(PSN level 887)


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