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Platinum #144 - Murdered: Soul Suspect



37.73% Rarity

Difficulty - 4/10, Time Spent - ~10 Hours , Enjoyment 6.5/10


This game has you playing as the ghost of Ronan, a cop murdered while trying to catch The Bell Killer serial killer. Along the way, he finds the medium Joy who is looking for her missing mom, who was consulting on The Bell Killer case, and they help each other to uncover the truth behind this case.


The game is mostly like a 3D point and click-- you interact with hotspots in order to find clues and then piece them together. Pretty standard for a detective-type game. But it also involves some very basic puzzle solving skills, like which items to posess in order to get Joy through some guarded areas. There's also stealth components, which were my least favorite aspect of this game, where you have to sneak up on demons and purge them. The thing I didn't like about this is that even if you're within range to perform your take-down, sometimes it doesn't recognize it and you get caught by the demon.


Another thing that was annoying about this game are the collectibles. There's over 200 of them in the game, and they require a thorough investigation of the entire town. Fortunately there's a really good set of videos linked in this site's guide which take you on the most concise path to finding them all. Definitely a blessing, otherwise this could have been far more annoying.


Overall, I'd say give this game a go if you aren't terribly turned off by the idea of collectibles. It has a great story that is definitely worth experiencing.

I have to platinum both stacks of this game, but the idea of playing along with videos turns me off...


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                                                                                                           Done Done Done


                                                                                                                      Jak II               



                                                                                                               Fait Accompli

                                                                                                                      Jak III                       



                                                             Yes, yes i know they r cheeky plats i got them through debug mode and all but whose gonna judge.:blah:





                                                                                        How i start doesn't determine how i'm gonna finish,:dunno:


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#48 - Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition


My second favorite game in the whole Mass Effect universe, it involves a lot of action and most of all epicness. The opening is and will forever be one of the best video games intros ever, period. It has been a while since I've taken the time to play all loyalty missions and all, and I gotta admit, I missed it a lot.


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:platinum: #478 & #479 - Himno (Vita & PS4)




This was a really nice, calm and relaxing platformer game that sees the player navigate vertical levels to make further into different districts of the game with wisps that light the way in the darkness.


That's about as far as it goes really and how much a player gets out of it depends on how long it keeps them interested as it can be limited. A bit of a story and maybe some additional gameplay elements wouldn't have gone amiss.


PS4 was a lot easier as I was able to crank up the brightness on my TV whilst the brightest setting on my Vita didn't quite cut it.


Enjoyment: 9/10

Difficulty: 2/10


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