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2 hours ago, Olivia Servant said:


Intro/Explanation: For the first time ever, I have ascended to the top of 9/10 difficulty. One of the most fucking hardest games I have ever come across in my entire life. Playing with fire with make you burn alive and turn you all into Torrential diarrhea. The collectibles did indeed took alot of time for me to go from places whereas I need to be. Yes they were have others well. Now, DLC's collectibles was pretty much easy and no problems to mop that shit off and it doesn't take that long for me to isolate to each volume episodes from each DLC within. Collectibles (Story Mode) and (DLC's) were all easy and I got ALL of them done 100% completion. Here comes the good and worst part you guys may or may not like it.


DLC's Mein Leben: Here the deal guys. I have experience it's preview glimpse of what it feel likes to run down Mein Leben DLC's. I took on ALL 3 DLC's of Gunslinger Joe, Agent Silent Death and Captain Wilkins. I have to say though, dealing with them is NOT to be taking very lightly. Make one mistake and your fucked. But that was pretty much a warning point there guys. Now that I cleared all of those I am extremely happy I got them done to perfection.


Mein Leben: Oh yes here it is everyone. My most fucking death chain turn of events I have faced in my entire life. This asshole difficulty right here tested my patience and well you know the rest. It took me a couple of tries to know what i'm really up against. DO NOT fuck with Mein Leben and as I mentioned above and don't try it unless you can take that shit head on without dealing Death Incarnate first. During the final FINAL fight on the third was fucking killing me. Here's the surprising part you all loved to hear: My heart was racing so fast that I nearly almost died with 1 HP left and I made it through and kill those two strong robots with my LaserKraftWerk weapon at it's strongest and wipe them all out. That bitch General Engel is dead and got my revenged back for what she did to Caroline Becker, Super Spesh and others.


Max Weapons: Yes getting weapon upgrades was the most critical thing I have to do and choosing them carefully on which I need to upgrade them on. I chose the most sufficient weapons for the Mein Leben and made through all the way to the absolute end of the line.


I've said enough what I explained and I did.


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This would have to be the greatest write-up on Wolfenstein 2 I have ever read. Well done @Olivia Servant you summed it up perfectly 👍



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Platinum 99 operation tango, fun puzzle co-op game. 

Platinum 🌟100🌟 ghost recon breakpoint, those load times were my breakpoint 😂


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