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platinum #523  Gem Smashers (ps4)

completed in 5 Hours and 22 Minutes

Platinum Rarity 69.29% common

Platinum Name: Gem Smashers Lover


Trophy Description requires 41% completion on 2 characters for this game to unlock "the same but different trophy". done with all the fast games. after looking through the requirements it's going to be Assassin Creed Odyssey (ps4). going to be sinking in 100+ hours on this game with DLC completion.


edit: after looking at the download amount. maybe it's a good thing i'm close to bedtime. will be playing this by the morning.

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Plat 101, jedi ps5. Auto pop. 

Plat 102 ratchet and clank rift apart, such a beautiful game, I'm gutted it wasn't longer, but excited at what the ps5 can do. 


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Platinum Trophy #28 Subnautica.


Yes i did this platinum like 99% of people in creative mode but it was still fun in that way, it's a good game that really makes you feel afraid of sea, i didn't even know i had "Thalassophobia" until i played this game, it really makes you feel afraid and it has a lot of jumpscares, the combat it's not good and i got 2 crashes because it's a technical disaster but it's really good going to the sea and travel with your seamoth and trying to beat your fear of the sea, the story very simple but cute and epic ending.


Maybe i'm going to play Below Zero but later because i'm still learning the survival mode lol.



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#327-Chaotic: Shadow Warriors


I bought this out of a bargain bin so I could boost the online with a buddy of mine. Once that horrible online was done I tried to do the single player but this game had so many collectibles and I accidentally went too far into the level and locked myself out of the majority of the trophies. I always meant to come back...but never did. Thanks toe the Summer Backlog Challenge this game, after 6 years, is finally finished.


This is not a good game...not at all. It is ugly, boring, handles poorly, worse camera than Mario 64 and has absolutely nothing that can be said positive about it. It is just loaded with bad game ideas. Things like regenerating bugs that don't hurt you but if they hit you enough you start about 20 seconds back, platforming in a game where your character has only heard of the concept of jumping, 1000 collectibles with a radar system that works when it wants to (for example I had found all the collectibles in a level but the radar sill told me there was one near by) and a battle system that had you using the six-axis controller because Sony loves to put shitty gimmicks into the controllers that only the early games actually used.


This game is an Ultra Rare platinum only because of the online and it is such a mess I don't recommend to anyone.


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