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#458 - Terminator Resistance




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Platinum 162: NFS Shift 2 Unleashed 
Difficulty: 6/10 
Enjoyment: 6/10 

A word to the wise, turn off damage when you do the endurance races. Who’s bright idea was it to have endurance races in a game that doesn’t give you the option to pit? I forgot to turn it off for the first 2 that I did and both races were total shit shows that I barely managed to podium in. If I had gotten passed in the last turn of a 40 minute race I think I would have had an aneurysm. Outside of that this was a decently enjoyable racing game. Generally speaking mastering all racing lines and corners isn’t too hard as long as you use a slow car, although there are a few glitchy corners that you’ll probably have to do several times before they register. If you want to go for the plat make sure to do the online first, the servers are only up for a couple more months. Unfortunately if you haven’t bought the dlc the 100% is no longer possible.


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#852- More Dark • NA
#853- Null Drifter • NA 
#854- Of Tanks and Demons III
#855- サクラ・サキュバス ~モテ期は唐突に~  • JP
#856- Legend of the Skyfish • NA 
#857- One Escape
#858- Pinkman+  • NA 
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#862- Sakura Succubus 2
#863- Project Starship • AS 
#864- Racing: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade  • NA 
#865- Red Death  • AS 
#866- Reed 2  • AS 
#867- Rush Rover • AS 
#868- Space 2: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade • NA 
#869- Swordbreaker The Game • NA 
#870- PsychicEmotion6     Vita 

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