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:platinum: #86 White Album 2


Skiped most of the dialogs and was only "reading" (listening) to the storyline that interessted me.

Liked the soundtrack quit a lot. Storywise i read better but it was okay.


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:platinum:Platinum #24:platinum:


MLB The Show 21


King Of The Diamond!
Earn all of The Show™ 21 Trophies.


This game is probably one of the only times where for me where platting a game will not be "finishing" the game. Truly, MLB The Show never ends as a live content game and it just got insane for free 2 play people. The developers know what they're doing on that front. Too bad Franchise mode has been the exact same thing for multiple years, they made Road to the Show much worse and less fun and March to October is still the most boring shit ever. I mean it was not helped by the fact my March to October run was not even used for Team Affinity points because I had already maxed them out. It's a pretty easy plat even if March to October is tedious. I do not think that mode was meant to be marathoned in one day but at least the Mets won the World Series.


Next plat is something I do not know yet lmao.


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Iron Snout- A fun little beat-up where our little pig friend has enough of the big bad wolfes. With different levels and 6 different costumes to unlock you face waves of canine enemies with both melee and ranged weapons you can use against them(including their corpses). Don't mistaken be it's cute appearance, the more wolfes you defeat the faster and in bigger number their come so watch out for your bacon.





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1 minute ago, MidnightDragon said:

:platinum: #73 


Super Bomberman R


For the most part, this game is quite easy. The online isn't too bad and can be boosted with a friend. The 1,000 multiplayer trophy does take some time, but it's local. The story trophies do not stack, sadly, but I didn't find any of them too difficult, even the one for completing it on Expert. However...whoever thought of the 1 million blocks and bombs trophies is a sadistic bastard. While it's cool to have such a rare plat, don't do it if you value your sanity! Clearly I didn't. :P A turbo controller does help, but it's still an unavoidable slog. I feel more relieved than anything it's over. 


Sounds like a game to avoid then. Good job on the sub 1 percent platinum, those are always nice to have.


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