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platinum #532 No Mans Sky (ps5)

completed in 1 second (auto-pop with ps4 save)

platinum rarity 18.69% rare

platinum name: Total Perspective Vortex

hardest trophy: To Live Forever (making it alive off the planet in one piece is the hardest challenge of all). permadeath is cake otherwise provided one backs up the save or uses a taxi service 


after spending 84 hours combined with my normal and permadeath rounds. i earned the chance to get another platinum. here's one more helpful tip: storm crystals make great hyper drive fuel with 6 tech slots upgrade. going to start with a game i been thinking about for a long time and it'll be Destroy All Humans (ps4) it's the game from the ps2 era not the remake. will use the trophy guide just for the one missable trophy.

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:platinum: #61 - Gravel - :platinum:
Time - 10 hours

Difficulty - 2/10

Another easy, racing game, quite similiar to Ducati 90. Online is dead, however I managed to find players and score online trophies without boosting. Can you believe it, because I can't. Anyway, next plat that make me closer to 100.

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