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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS5)


Fantastic game, and even better Star Wars game. My one complaint with the PS4 version were frame rate issues, but they were clearly fixed with the 5 upgrade. It's a great 3D Metroidvania-style game that I think would be worth a look if you haven't tried it yet.


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40-platinum.png Platinum 267 40-platinum.png


Clever Clogs!
Not only have you helped Osgood to defeat the Weeping Angels, you’ve managed to successfully unlock every trophy the game has to offer!

45.83% Uncommon



23 hours, 50 minutes, 24 seconds


Too bad the Plat image wasn't a Tardis.

And the 13th person to get the Plat!



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:platinum: #502 - Truck Racer




Finally finished this comically buggy racing game.


For those who've been around long enough to remember, this was a PS+ game from many moons ago back when Sony were still including PS3 and Vita titles amongst the monthly giveaways.


It's genuinely one of the worst racing games I've ever played and glitchy to the point of being unenjoyable.


The events, races and tracks are fairly dull and repetitive. The handling of the trucks is terrible and they steer like tanks despite appearing bounce off barriers and roll around as though they're far smaller vehicles. The AI of the other racers is also poor as they drive around in the most demented way possible.


Then there's the varying difficulty of the events. Races are an absolute cakewalk to win what with the AI racers smashing each other to pieces whereas the Time Trials are a lot more difficult with the other racers setting times like they're prime Lewis Hamilton. It's really jarring.


By far the worst glitch I encountered was during one of the later events (a 6 lap race on one of the asphalt tracks) where I was comfortably leading by half a track length when the game failed to recognise me completing the final lap and I had to do it again thus meaning I finished in last place. As annoying as that was, I also found it hilarious and couldn't help laughing :giggle:


So yeah, unless you also claimed it with PS+, I don't recommend this game at all. There are far better racing games out there.


Enjoyment: 3/10

Difficulty: 3/10


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Platinum #223 is Bleach: Soul Resureccion for PS3

I Will Transcend All


Started playing this sometime in 2011. It has a couple of missing timestamps unfortunately, but at least I'm finished! Clocked it at 176 hours.

The backlog is looking slimmer now, only 127 uncompleted games left.

Gonna try to get the online trophies for Soul Calibur V next, and hopefully get free from yet another backlog-misshap.



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40-platinum.png#268 - Ghost of Tsushima (PS5)


An autopop, as you might expect.


If you do want to read my entire write-up of the PS4 version, feel free to take a look here.


That being said, I am not just autopopping the game and then deleting it. I'm replaying the entire game starting today on PS5, with the Japanese lip sync in New Game Plus, as I'll also be checking out the expansion! Might be a while until you get another platinum post from me, haha. Tsushima awaits once more!


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Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando #72 and this is my first ever post on this website

On 7/24/2011 at 2:42 AM, Muff said:

HEY LOOK! another generic PS3 Trophy forums thread, what a surprise <_< ...........

anyways, name says it all mostly, but to re-iterate: post your most recent platinum when you earn it, for bragging right and such...

me first:



Master Blaster
















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