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6 minutes ago, xxEliteCDxx said:

Platinum # 88 - Minecraft: Story Mode






Difficulty: 1/10



And now for the entertaining but largely superfluous DLC!

Which I do recommend if you enjoyed the game.


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platinum #541 Dreaming Sarah (ps4)

completed in 1 hour and  48 minutes

platinum rarity 91.74% common

platinum name: Wake Up


an easy plat to start the morning. going to knock out more ps4/ps5 cross-buy and the next one will be Kingdom Of Arcadia (ps4) found out some helpful information (only need to worry about finding secret areas) for this game.


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40-platinum.pngGreatest Collection - Earn all trophies

Oooohhh the grind for the "Dealer"- trophy, the only reason why i didn't get the plat earlier. Other than that trophy this is a quite enjoyable game. 


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Posted (edited)

platinum #542 Kingdom Of Arcadia (ps4)

completed in 3 hours and 51 minutes

platinum rarity 91.99% common

platinum name: Ruler Of Arcadia


platinum #543 One Escape (ps4)

completed in 1 hour and 53 minutes

platinum rarity 95.92% common


finished the 5th game. time for a long plat and it's going to be one piece unlimited world red Deluxe Edition (ps4)

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8 hours ago, starcrunch061 said:

One question, though: if the Assassins have their origins in Cleopatra's Egypt, how does it exist in the Greece of Alkibiades and Lysander?


Simple answer: it doesn't. Odyssey is supposed to be a game more focused on the Isu lore, and thus it's set in a time period which allows for that to be explored further, at the sacrifice of having no Assassins whatsoever - there's something that comes close, but that's on the DLC.


At least, that's what the developers have said. In truth, the series is slowly abandoning the Assassin vs. Templar war and starting to merely become historical RPGs - which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially considering how many people I've seen that absolutely hate the present-day sections with every fiber of their soul, but yeah, you get where I'm getting at.


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