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On 10/11/2021 at 4:33 PM, FFATMA said:

#71 PGA 2K21 - One of the October PS Plus freebies




Pretty fun game, played it all on beginner to keep the total time down, as beating the rivals would have taken quite a bit longer on higher difficulties.  I'm not sure exactly how many hours I put into this, but for the career mode alone I had to play 702 holes of golf.  Actually, now that I think back, I think I had to play another 54 holes due to 2k servers being kind of shitty and freezing up at the end of a few rounds.  Huge Tip:  Turn off other player replays!  The game hangs for long periods of time when it tries to show you highlights of other players, even on PS5.  I'm guessing this saved me literally hours of downtime.  Overall, I'd definitely recommend this one if you like golf.  Lots of courses and unlockables.


Now that I've done this one, I have the plat for Madden 21, NHL 21 and PGA 2K21.  I see that the plat for Fifa 21 is unobtainable now, or I might have tried to get all the 21s!  

Nicely done, don’t forget NBA 2K21 and MLB The Show 21!


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