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:platinum: #511 & #512 - Reed Remastered (Vita & PS4)




:platinum: #513 & #514 - Reed 2 (Vita & PS4)




I quite liked both of these games and do enjoy a decent pixel art platormer. The challenge was a bit frustrating in places due to the weird hit boxes that on occasion will see you fail a level even if stationary.


What I really liked though was the shortness of the levels and the non existent loading times, making them perfect for quick up and play sessions, especially on Vita.


Enjoyment: 8/10

Difficulty: 2.5/10


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Platinum Number: 88


PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)

Difficulty: 2/10

Fun 9.5/10


This game scratched an itch I did not know I had. I haven't played a dedicated golf game since Everybody's Golf and whilst the game is vastly different, the mechanics are much the same. Coming into this having played that, the controls felt simple and the gameplay felt very good. I got this as part of PS+ and without it I doubt I would have ever ventured into the PGA games, but this was a great mindless sports game to play after work. The gameplay felt satisfying and whilst it was a bit of a grind to do a few of the trophies, overall it was a good trophy list and probably the perfect platinum length for a sports game. It is such a shame that 2K make the Nba2K trophies so unobtainable compared to this franchise, as this was genuinely a great Platinum to work towards. 

This game slightly delayed my backlog tackling however I should be back on track over the next few days with progress outlined below:


What's Next:

AFL Live (PS3) 1-2 Games away from finishing and becoming my rarest platinum (1.34% at present) 80 Goals left to go.

Need for Speed Heat (PS4) Definitely put on the backburner at present. Online Trophies finished, will switch to this when I feel like playing a racer.

Fallout 4 (PS4) Slowly Getting my head around this game. First time playing a Fallout. Enjoying it so far, keen to chip away at the story.

Borderlands (PS3) Tidying up some DLC trophies in Co-op with my partner. Unsure if I will go for 100% but we shall see.


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(:platinum: 68) LITTLEBIGPLANET 3 (PS4)



Enjoyment:   7/10

Difficulty:    5/10


I got my girlfriend into gaming by playing LBP2 and later LBP1 together and she absolutely loved both of them. So we were really, really looking forward to this one. And we were really, really disappointed :shakefist:.


I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but this game is missing the charm and genius that the previous two games have. It’s serviceable, but it’s not as awesome and timeless as the other two. I can see myself going back to them in the future, but not this game. We struggled to motivate ourselves to get through the campaign though playing it back years later it’s really not as bad as I remembered it to be. It’s just not memorable either.


LBP3 made a lot of changes compared to the previous game. The game now has 16 layers instead of 3 and I actually really like this as it opens the levels up a lot more and allows for crazy progressions. Perhaps the biggest change in the game is the addition of new the characters. Though I can see the appeal, I just don’t like it. For me LBP didn’t need any new characters and it takes away from awesome levels they could have created for Sackboy alone. The new characters are also very underutilized in the game :huh:. There are a few levels that use all of the characters but you are never really forced to work together to complete any puzzles. And you can’t use them in any of the older levels so they only get a few levels each. I think the game would have been better and more focused if they had left them out.


My girlfriend and I played through the campaign once and then never touched the game again. Then the attack on the LBP servers happened and I got scared that I wouldn’t be able to get the platinum anymore. As soon as the servers were back online I got the online trophies (which thankfully are very easy to do this time). Then I started the process of getting all of the Create trophies which are also very easy to get this time… so thanks at least for that.


Playing through the campaign again years later I can say that the levels are definitely better than I remembered them to be. The one where you are chasing the marble in the labyrinth has to be my favorite. The art style is very nice, though I’d rather they didn’t voice the characters. The ones in the DLC especially have atrocious voices. Speaking of the DLC, it only consists of three levels but for me those levels captured the spirit of the older LBP games better than LBP3 itself. There are some nice ideas in the main game. The PopIt Academy is a great way to learn the create tools (much better than the tutorials from the previous games) and the Contraption Challenges are a fun idea, though they give you waaayy to little creative freedom in them.


The Quest trophy didn’t unlock when it should so I just started playing the quest levels again until I got it. I missed the trophy and the platinum unlocking so I played for an extra half hour before I realized I already had it :giggle:. Acing the levels was a lot of fun and quite challenging in certain areas. LBP3 is certainly and decent and fun game, but it can’t reach the very lofty heights of the previous ones and I don’t see myself playing it ever again.

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