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platinum #563 Retrace: Memories Of Death (ps4)

completed in 2 hours and 13 minutes

platinum rarity: 86.67% common

platinum name: Retrace


platinum #564 Tamiku (ps4)

completed in 14 minutes and 55 seconds

platinum rarity 95.68% common


had to play through this several times as the game had to be saved at the notebook (missing one little thing can mess up getting a particular ending). also finished tamiku. going to take a chance with 88 heroes (ps4). there's option to cloud save it'll just mean playing good enough so i have 16 or more at the end. then i can go after the various achievements.

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Platinum #103




Difficulty : 3/10

Fun : 7/10


I enjoyed this more than I expected. Online play is fun. Presentation and courses look good. Overall solid game.


Platinum #104




Difficulty : 3/10 (with guide for mega brutal difficulty) / 7/10 (without guide)

Fun : 9/10


Love plague in mobile and its even better in console on a big screen. Normal difficulty is challenging but is not unfair. Mega brutal difficulty you need to experiment a lot ,if not following a guide.



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Legends Of Talia: Arcadia (PlayStation 5)



:platinum: The Hero of Talia

Discover everything about Arcadia's past and kill the dragon.


Difficulty: 1/10

Time: 32 Seconds


Screenshot When Earned:



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platinum #565 88 Heroes (ps4)

completed in 1 day and 22 hours

platinum rarity 9.78% rare


getting the 88 heroes done took a bulk of my time. completed the rest very quickly despite the grind at the end of this. found another game in my backlog to finish and it'll be Epic Word Search Collection (ps4)


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