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#92 Overcooked! All You Can Eat - Legendary Chef.

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23 minutes ago, percy547389126yv said:

:platinum:#1,000 NA version of Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars





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:platinum: #179 BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre


Picked this up on sale for $6 at the recommendation of a friend. A surprisingly fun quick plat. Humor is incredibly juvenile, so if that's not your cup of tea, stay away. If it is though, you'll find a fun game with a quick list. Shoutout to @Smashero for a great mini guide to get the plat in one playthrough.


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:platinum:#347: True Detective!



Well, can't say this game didn't make me feel things. Problem is, alot of said things are probably not what the devs were hoping for.


This is a point and click adventure game starring kids play pretending to be adults with their toys. What got my attention is the game's commitment to the bit, filled with sexual inuendos, cursing, drug references; I thought I would get a satirical take of "the adult take on children playing like adults". But when I prepped for the playthrough, I noticed something off with how this collection was described. The "main" game where you earn the trophies and platinum, is a prequel. The story proper takes place during the DLC. So that lead me to looking more into without instead of going in blind.


And that's where I saw them. Those descriptions.




Emotional breakdown.


And at once, my interest deflated, I started thinking "oh jeez, is it really gonna down that route?" 


Yeah, it does. SPOILERS


And I don't think it should have. Or rather, I don't think it deserved to. For literally 90% of the game, you are embroiled in this silly satirical tale complete with pop culture references, 4th wall breaks, and the aformentioned adult humor. Then, right as you hit that tale's emotional climax (coincidentally when you pop the last DLC trophy) the game turns into a completely different one entirely, taking place in a nightmarish hospital and characters that bleed out their eyes like a bad creepypasta. AND I KNOW, the various items you collect and the rare line alludes to the real tragic events, but.... no, it wasn't good enough for me.


Not helping was the voice acting. The girl sounds like shes trying but has no direction, the boy sounds like he COMPLETELY checked out before recording, and the animals commit to one character archetype and nothing else; no emotional range, just the shtick and that's it. Be it a scene where a character is dying, but his actor is just barreling through his lines oblivious to the fact that his character IS dying, or a speech about letting go and moving on fluctuating between unsure to at peace to sagely to melancholic, often within the same sentence, the VA cannot sell the emotion the story wants. That closing photo was an admirable hail mary, I'll give the devs that, but again, the narrative didn't earn it.


If by chance any devs are seeing this, I ain't trying to be mean as I did love the concept. You could have embraced this absurd premise all the way and still included a story about growing up. The pieces are there; kids trying to remain in their innocent world, but all the dirty druggy sexy crudeness they've absorbed in the real one is seeping in, as a sign they are growing up. You didn't need all this tragic bleeding-face real-world guilt-ridden psychology stuff.


But hey, you got my money, so whatevs.


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