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#96 Battle Rockets (2.0)


My first Vita exclusive platinum, and one of the toughest yet. Granted even the more difficult plats I have are still easy to pretty easy. Don't know how the plat has an 89.82% rating on here. The third mission in particular is really annoying.


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#442 - 428: Shibuya Scramble


It has been... almost 2 years since I first played this, I think? Originally I wasn't planning on stacking it due to how long it was and the bonus content.. not really being very good. Recently though on Discord, a server was doing a "game of the month" type thing, and this was the chosen one, and I saw it as a perfect excuse to replay this amazing game again. The bonus content really isn't as bad as I remember it being, and the main story - while not as engaging since I've played it before - was still very entertaining and enjoyable to relive.


Once again my interest in the (supposedly bad) anime sequel to this game is piqued, but it remains elusive. You search up a service to watch it on (like Amazon) and they send you to a page for it then say it's not available... Happens with basically every show, tbh. Regardless, this is a very well written VN that deserves far more attention than it received, it's such a great blend of seriousness, humour, drama, mystery... and really unique as well - it's not an FMV, but it's real people unlike the typical anime art style VNs go with. Never played anything else quite like it.


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