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:platinum: #192 Moons of Madness


This one didn't really work for me. It has some creep factor, and I enjoyed the early going, but it didn't stick the landing. It's a horror walking simulator, but as the game progressed, I was less invested in the outcome. Once the intrigue was gone, and you were at the endgame, it didn't manage to creep me out or make me care enough. The early parts were interesting though.




:platinum: #193 Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2


I started this when I needed to give Moons of Madness a break (Although I finished Moons first anyway). It's not a bad game, but I enjoyed the first one a little more. However, this one has a plat and the first didn't, so if that matters to you, go with this one. It's also a significantly easier 100% than the first, with less frustrating trophies or post game grinding.


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