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Donut County - All Done



Fun little Indie game which kept me amused for just under 2 hours!


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40-platinum.png#71 -  Nexomon: Extinction


The Age of Extinction
Unlock all other trophies.


20.44% | Uncommon


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:platinum:#368: Collect All Trophies



Another day, another plat, another decent movie tie-in.


As you might expected with owls, flying is the aim of the game, and this part works almost perfectly. Everything you do, you do in the air, and it all works great. The speeding up, slowing down, gathering and chucking projectiles, attacking, divebombing, throwing, doing the Izuna Drop (yes, really), it's all fun. Well, excepting the gad-awful aiming. No option to toggle between holding and just pressing, no way to switch targets while remaining locked, and the game's tendency to target the most inconvenient object. It didn't ruin the game for me, but it did taint the experience a bit.


I'm ashamed to admit, but I nearly did that myself. My first run was to gather the majority of the trophies, and the whole time I was just trying to barrel through it, to miserable results. Anyone looking to try this one, do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with your every move and not get into the mindset of button-mashing. Thankfully, I wised up during my second playthrough, so it and the last 2 went smoothly.


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