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:platinum: Aliens Fireteam Elite  [PS4 & PS5] :platinum: 

Enjoyment: 8/10

Difficulty: 9/10

Time: Unknown

This was also Top 4 hardest :platinum: 2021.

Teammates Required to finish this game,


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 Platinum# 96 - Into Eternity 



Enjoyment: 10/10 

Difficulty: 3/10 

Hours to platinum: 45


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2 hours ago, PooPooBlast said:

#171 Crysis Remastered



Yes, our consoles can finally run crysis :D. Having beat the game in three sittings (about 3-4 hrs each), the campaign went by so quickly! 


You play as lieutenant Nomad with a fancy shmancy suit who is deployed in North Korea to investigate a strange energy source (believed to be coming from nuclear weapons). However, soon enough, you discover, the north Koreans are actually innocent and the Americans have invaded another country as per usual. Just kidding, you discover there are aliens involved. :P. New objective: kill aliens. 


As a game from 2007, it shows its age even in the remaster with clunky shooting and wonky AI. Nevertheless, what it accomplished at that time was certainly revolutionary. It has some decent destructible environments, great graphics, open ended missions, controlling air and land vehicles, a not bad fps story and some nice suit mechanics like cloaking to become invisible (predator style) and initiating armour mode to tank hits. 


Overall, Crysis 1 was short and sweet and well worth it if you enjoy fps as a genre. 

Sounds interesting might get this game :holy:.


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