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I just got the platinum in WRC 3 on the PS Vita. The fps and resolution are showing its age, but I still enjoyed this game. The PS Vita is starving for racing games compared to the PSP.


I wish we could have gotten a Dirt entry for the PS Vita. There was missed opportunity for the PS Vita. Despite that, there are some racing games I still need to get to.


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Platinum 335 & 336 (autopopped, get over it) Stranger of Paradise

Difficulty: 5/10 (with gear grinding)

Enjoyment: 4/10


Not a terrible game, but I expected more from Team Ninja. I planned on actually playing it twice but after the first play (22 hours) I decided to just autopop due to how boring it gets. There are lots of side missions and I suggest getting any missable ones when you are on the story missions so you don't have to replay long stages. The game was meh, I couldn't imagine playing it twice. 


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Platinum #253


Knight´s Retreat


A long march - 72,79%

Puzzle game with chess mechanics. Easy with a guide.


Platinum #254


Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal


Path of the Shinobi - 40,76%

Remake of the first Senran Kagura game with the gameplay of the "newer" ones (like Estival Versus). Fun game. Hikage was best girl for me (both in gameplay and character).


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