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Platinum #255


Wife Quest (EU)


Wife Superstar - 12,50%

Fun linear Wonder Boy clone, that can get a little frustrating at times. Fight Monstergirls and then punish them (in a cute way).

Platinum #256


Trine: Enchanted Edition


Way Out of the Trine - 21,48%

Trine 1,3 and 4 done, only 2 to complete and I have the complete series (excluding the stacks).


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Posted (edited)

platinum #601 Terminator Salvation

completed in 19 hours and 46 minutes

platinum rarity: 54.34% common

platinum name: Determined

hardest part: the bus drive mission


i played this on a recommendation from someone on gamefaqs. didn't enjoy the early part but the game got easier once learned how to master each particular weapon and when to use it. got concerned at the end that the hard trophy wouldn't pop i wouldn't of wanted to run this game again. next game is one-eyed lee and the dinner party (ps4) but before i start that i need to take note of which games to get on the sale.

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platinum #602 One-Eyed Lee And The Dinner Party (ps4)

completed in 2 hours and 5 minutes

platinum rarity 96.00% common


had to replay partially until i later found one of my old saves so i can get that last trophy. wasted 20 minutes doing the walkthrough until i got stuck. next game is Xing: The Land Beyond (ps4)


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