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Dirt 5



I got the game for free with PS+ a while back.


The good: this game uses all the available rumble in the Dual Sense and its adaptive triggers. The graphs are good but not outstanding and the way that the cars get progressively more dirty as the race goes on is kinda neat.


The bad: the game is very repetitive. In the middle of the campaign mode you already want to give up.


Hardest trophy: the one you have to make 30K+ points in one type of event. They patched the easy way to do it, so you actually have to try.


Grindiest trophy: driving 1000 miles. There are custom maps that let you get this trophy while AFK, but somehow my car was getting stuck in these maps from time to time. 



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Scribblenauts Superstar!
Unlock all other trophies.


I meant to plat this when I beat it, but I got distracted by whatever it was I played next.  I think Sonic Unleashed.  Unleashed is way more fun than Unmasked.  The final battle sounds cool on paper, calling in a bunch of super heroes for alternate universes to fight four Braniacs.  But it's Scribblenauts, so it was underwhelming.  


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Grabbing some easy platinums for the mo, my last mayo...but by tomorrow I should have Slayaway Camp.


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Posted (edited)

platinum #609 State Of Mind

completed in 2 days and 6 hours

platinum rarity 39.87% uncommon

favorite trophy: The System Strikes Back

platinum name: Ticket To Mars


another plat game down. going into my drawer to find a game to begin. thinking it will be the witcher 3: game of the year edition (EU copy). will be doing a easy difficulty then death march on clean-up (seems there's some missable trophy's i need to keep an eye on).

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