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Gonna be honest, when I saw a few of you posted Waifu Impact, I thought you meant Genshin Impact and were being cheeky about it.

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Drawngeon: Dungeons Of Ink and Paper (PS4)


40-platinum.png King of Ink and Paper


The reason I'm posting this plat is just to let people know this game, since the sum of NA and EU plat achievers barely reach 70.


Welcome to Inkland, a totally hand-drawn world with ink on white paper. Nice people (and too many cats) will greet you, until a strange tower fell from the sky and you have to explore it.

Drawngeon is a First Person old-school RPG, you can move your character in grid-based random dungeons/caves/etc. and you fight in real time. 

I'm maybe more of a JRPG person, but I played this with a friend and he told me this style reminds him of Ultima games.


There are 3 classes: Warrior, Wizard and Trickster, each one with a different style to survive in these ink dungeons. When you gain a level, you have a point you can spend to get or update your unique skills to customize your character.

Other than the cool graphics of this game, what stands out is (when you unlock the skill, of course) you can EAT EVERYTHING to heal yourself and/or even raise your stats up.
Your inventory is full and you don't know what to do with that legendary beard? EAT IT!


You can go to the tower or do some sub quest to raise your stats and get items and weapons in change. It is fairly short as an adventure, but rewarding if you take your time exploring every square this game has to offer. I suggest to play it blindly, at least your first game.

Trophy conditions are actually very easy, if you know well the class you have chosen and the mechanics of this adventure. Just be careful that, once you die, that's it.


Permadeath. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Maybe a couple of trophies require a little luck, but nothing terrible like getting these Sun Medals in Dark Souls 2.


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Both PS5 and PS4 

















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#551 - A Short Hike



#552 - Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe


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#469 : Up



Platinum Trophy
Unlock every Trophy in the game.


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